Also this year we have decided to join an initiative that is very close to our hearts: Suspended Ice Cream!
Until October 31st it is possible to take one ice cream and pay for two, the second will be offered to a family in difficulty.
The suspended ice cream takes up the old Neapolitan tradition of suspended coffee: during the Second World War, those who took a coffee at the bar used to pay for two cups, one for themselves and one for those who would come later and could not pay for it. That coffee offered to a stranger became a symbol of solidarity with those in need, a gesture of a humanity that spread from the immense Naples all over the world.
By joining this initiative, we would like to renew that ancient and authentic gesture: in a moment of crisis like the one we are experiencing, we would like to give everyone the opportunity, especially children, to enjoy a pleasure that should not be denied to anyone:
We offer the first! Who’s next?!